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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Actual Venting Session LOL

Ok so as stated before B is on hold in CA and I am here in MI which if we do math correctly puts him 3 hours behind me. It is currently 12:50 am Wed Morning meaning its only 9:50pm there. My husbands day goes something like this: wake up at the butt crack of dawn go to work eat lunch around noon, maybe calls me to say hi for 5mins, go back to work get out at about 5pm(8pm MI time) sometimes later. Then he eats food goes back to the room calls me for about 10 mins and then goes to the gym for 2 hours. By this time its already getting close to 8pm(11pm MI time), then he'll shower because he smells from the workout which takes him an hour to do. So, we are looking at 9pm(12am MI time) if not later. Around 9:30pm the sailors get ready to muster. Sometime after that he will call me around 10pm-1030pm(1am MI time) but he will be too tired to hardly stay awake. But all this time while he's been busy (esp at night when I'm home from work) Ive been waiting to have him call and to be able to have a real conversation with him. I know I should be grateful to at least get to talk to him even if its for a few mins but it really gets to be annoying. Esp. when I know he doesn't have to workout for 2 hours...that's his choice to do it, it isn't mandatory. I know he is doing things that are god for him and me and this country but I cant help but to get upset when I feel like my husband is a distant memory...I have maybe talked to him a total of 5 mins today and all we got to say is hey this is what I'm doing and I love you. Like I said my head KNOWS I should be grateful but my heart just cant help but be upset a little bit. Well this made me feel better...I got to get the crazy out before I went to sleep...o and looky he's calling...Goodnight.


  1. This is EXACTLY how my husband has been while being deployed. Except we're on a 7 hour time difference. By the time he finishes his day it is 5am his time and 10pm my time baby girl is already in bed so no chance of her talking to daddy. I understand wanting to go to the gym but really? Every night? I don't get it either.

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  3. I know the feeling. My sailor is in Washington and I'm in NC. The distance and the 3 hour time difference always makes the communication difficult but it's still good that you get to hear from him :) Hang in there!