WARNING: This blog contains conversations about my life. It can be cruel but it's the truth from the way I percive it. I don't always use nice words and sometimes I share a little bit too much. I don't put on a happy face in the midst of hard times because that's what inspires others. If you have an issue please navigate away from this page now.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I recevied the Blogger Buddy Award : )

The Rules:

*thank the person that gave you the award

*list 7 things about you that you haven't revealed to the bloggy-verse as of yet.

* pass them on to the bloggers that deserve them

First the thank you to hewearscombatboots. Its nice being able to share things without being judged. I'm so glad I found this and thats because of you. Thanks.

Now, seven things about me

1. I HATE being alone. Pretty ironic that I married someone in the service and it requires me to be alone all the time.
2. I LOVE the water and I'm really hoping B gets stationed in CA. People call me a fish because all I ever want to do is go swimming.
3. I'm an open book. I dont hide things from anyone. It's making coming up with seven things hard.
4. My favorite book of all time is Tuesdays with Morey. I also love the movie. So insiprational.
5. B and I are obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. We own all 5 sesaons so far and are currently waiting the release of season 6 on DVD and for season 7 to start.
6. I am a worrier. Every little thing causes me to panic and get anxious. I hate that my doctor just laughs at me and tells me I'm young so I don't have anything to worry about.
7. I support gay marrige and I'm also pro choice. I believe in staying out of peoples lives and letting them do what they want.

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