WARNING: This blog contains conversations about my life. It can be cruel but it's the truth from the way I percive it. I don't always use nice words and sometimes I share a little bit too much. I don't put on a happy face in the midst of hard times because that's what inspires others. If you have an issue please navigate away from this page now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does the sign on my back say kick me?

Man when it rains it pours, and all those other cliche sayings for bad fortune... I'd like to paint a picture of a fun and adventurous time during this PCS move. I will say it has been adventurous but definitely not very fun.

As the post I wrote prior to this one explains, the day the movers came was anything but what we were expecting. I wanted to wipe my eyes and mind of that day and move on with positive thoughts and hopes that everything would be fine, and I did. Some money issues came up while B was home and we borrowed some money for gas to make it to VA and we were off. I still had my eyes wide open with no expectations. The first day of the trip was awesome; perfect weather, drove 12 hours and stopped in a nice hotel that cut us a great deal, ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning we woke, got gas and headed out. Crossing into the town where we now live I cried and instantly shut down. It reminded me of being back home in our run down boarded up town where I was afraid to go to the store alone. Since I had friends there I never had to brave it alone. First thing that ran through my mind is when B has to go over seas and I'll be forced to be alone and at this point I don't know anyone and I'm scared. In other words we will be spending alot of time looking for something else.

That evening we went to pick up a few things at Wal Mart and at the checkout my card was declined when I know that I had more than enough in there to cover what we had bought. Embarrassed as hell I get on my smartphone and look at my account where I notice someone had hacked my account and taken everything in it. I hadn't used MY card the entire trip. I was pissed and scared all over. Has someone stolen my identity? I am dealing with that and having to borrow more money from other people to buy things to cook on and food since the movers weren't supposed to show up until Tuesday.

Tuesday Morning, the truck with our things was supposed to show up and after I spent 4 hours calling and calling I was informed that it wouldn't be getting to me until Friday and I'm lucky if it will get here then. I might be waiting until Monday. The movers have had our things for over a week and the shipment was still sitting in Michigan. NOONE had even picked the fucker up. UGH. The little bit of money we had to borrow after my account was drained only bought us food and supplies until Tuesday. Off to Fleet and Family my husband went to borrow more money. UGH all right before payday. The cycle never ends once you're in debt. I need a job and can't go searching since the movers have my uniforms and business attire.

Well that's our hellish week in a nutshell and it's only Wednesday. Can't wait to see what Friday brings.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The day the MOVERS came

I haven't blogged like I've been wanting to. Here is a fast update; husband arrived on the 22nd and we met with a lady to set up our move on the 28th, I took my CNA state certification test the 29th and rocked it, and the movers came today.

That's right we set up our move on Thursday and by Monday the movers were here. AHH! Like many of you know I live with B's Grandma Chicken Legs so all of our things have been in storage. The lady who planned our move told us to be at the storage unit at 8am and they had until 5pm to show up. WTF! We sat and waited and called to get a more specific time that they would get there and they kept giving us the run around. Typical. They finally got there a little after 1pm and had to take everything out of the boxes that I had packed and repack them themselves. What a waist of time and money. We ended up with 90 items on our inventory list that took three pages to keep track of. Around 6pm they were finished and B and I could finally go home. What a long day at the storage unit.

The rest of the week leads to packing the things that we couldn't ship and taking a long drive to VA. I won't be able to blog much until the internet is hooked up in our home.