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Monday, May 2, 2011

The day the MOVERS came

I haven't blogged like I've been wanting to. Here is a fast update; husband arrived on the 22nd and we met with a lady to set up our move on the 28th, I took my CNA state certification test the 29th and rocked it, and the movers came today.

That's right we set up our move on Thursday and by Monday the movers were here. AHH! Like many of you know I live with B's Grandma Chicken Legs so all of our things have been in storage. The lady who planned our move told us to be at the storage unit at 8am and they had until 5pm to show up. WTF! We sat and waited and called to get a more specific time that they would get there and they kept giving us the run around. Typical. They finally got there a little after 1pm and had to take everything out of the boxes that I had packed and repack them themselves. What a waist of time and money. We ended up with 90 items on our inventory list that took three pages to keep track of. Around 6pm they were finished and B and I could finally go home. What a long day at the storage unit.

The rest of the week leads to packing the things that we couldn't ship and taking a long drive to VA. I won't be able to blog much until the internet is hooked up in our home.

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