WARNING: This blog contains conversations about my life. It can be cruel but it's the truth from the way I percive it. I don't always use nice words and sometimes I share a little bit too much. I don't put on a happy face in the midst of hard times because that's what inspires others. If you have an issue please navigate away from this page now.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weight loss UPDATE

To make sure that I'm held accountable for my weight loss, I'll be posting weekly updates. The struggle to keep going is all to familiar and after this weekend I need something to push me forward. My updates start now.

My last post about my weight loss was a while ago and even though the post felt inspiring, I quickly lost momentum. Not until Wednesday of last week had I really worked out. I wanted to print out my workout plan and post it all over my husbands game room, which is slowing turning into the workout room, so until I did that I wasn't ready to start. It sounds stupid now that I put it in words. But Wednesday for whatever reason I was motivated and did it. I then had a workout that consisted of playing "Just Dance 2" on the Wii and Wii sports. I took a break and when my husband got home we did the workout plan that my brother's girlfriend put together for me and then took the dogs for a walk. I felt great. Thursday morning I put in my in-home DVDs of A.M. Yoga and Zumba and at night took the dogs for a walk. I was feeling it by then.

Friday was designated FREE DAY but I took the dogs for a walk anyway. Saturday I was supposed to get back on the horse but I was distracted because I was babysitting for the weekend and by Sunday I'd gotten out of the routine so I didn't workout then either. I felt so guilty not only because of not working out but because my husband and I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 and I ate junk food and soda pop.

My husband is used to eating whatever he wants and never gaining a pound so he isn't the best supporter when it comes to what we're eating. He throws a fit like a child when I suggest buying whole wheat pasta or bread or not buying anymore soda pop or candy. I am weak, if it's in the house I'll eat it. Things like that should be a treat not an everyday thing. I really need to support myself. I'm not babysitting today so I will be getting into tennis shoes and working out. "Just Dance 2" is calling my name.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm not even sure I get to call it Deployment. My hubby is currently stationed at a sea-duty command and goes for a weekend or a couple weeks at a time to a number of different places. Every few months he'll go on a 4 month long trip and then go right back to the weekend trips and 2 week long trips for the next 3 years.

Last week my husband came home and told me the dates he is supposed to go on his first "weekender" and "2 weeker." Sometime in August he goes for a weekend and then he goes again for 2 weeks in October. I was also told about his long stint, due in May. I am very nervous about the weekend in August because I HATE the place we live in. Yes, it is military housing but I HATE everything about it. The whole place seems to be falling apart. We've had maintenance in around 50 times in the 2 months we've been here. We've found mold in a couple places which I'm highly allergic to and sends me to the ER at times. I can't utilize my bathroom closet because of it. They have came and "cleaned" it up, but my throat starts to close whenever I move anything around. We are trying to get out of here as soon as possible but that seems easier said than done and probably won't happen before her leaves.

Second reason I HATE this place is because of it's location. We live in a run down area where I don't feel comfortable going to the grocery store alone in pure day light. I want to feel comfortable taking my dogs for a walk and I can't. We are about 20 minutes on a good day away from the base and it's not convenient to drive to the commissary or NEX to save money. The beach and friends are at least 40 minutes away. I need to figure out a plan for that weekender in August.

I have it all worked out for October though. My mom and dad are moving from Wyoming to Alabama to be closer to my brother and my Dad's work. Since my mom won't have a job right away, she's going to come visit me for the time that B is away. And hopefully by the time the 4 month trip comes, we will be out of this house and this area, into a place I can feel at home in.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 Year

One year ago today I made my boyfriend of 3 years into my husband. Even though we haven't spent much of the first year of marriage together I couldn't be happier to have him as my husband. In the 4 years we have been together it, we have had our ups and downs and this last year has provento the both of us that we can make it through anything and still be madly in love with eachother. Since B is off of his night duty as of Friday, we have spent the last two days with friends at the beach and today we are pitching a bed on the floor in front of the T.V. snuggling with eachother and our puppies. Tomorrow we are spending the day alone we eachother at Busch Gardens. Tuesday we will be cleaning and relaxing until Wednesday when he goes back to work.