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Monday, August 22, 2011

Infertile Myrtle

On Thursday, my husband made me call the GYN and move my apt. up. I hadn't had AF since May 4th. I went in this morning hopeful that we were going to run test and get things going. NOPE! I whizzed in a cup and we sat and talked about how AF operates. Come on! I gave the doc my symptoms and she said that in a week or so I should be able to come back and we will run more tests but most likely I have PCOS. YAY! NOT! I guess I'll be doing more research but I already know that I have one heck of an up hill battle to fight. Oh plus she told me that the Navy is providing us with some Awesome birth control called SEA DUTY! No duh lady! AND I got the talk about how "you're young, you shouldn't be so stressed. You should just have fun. You're in school focus on that. Going to school with a child is so much more difficult"...and on and on she went. Mind you this woman is in her late 40's and already has children, and her nurse was about to freaking pop! UGH! Had she even bothered to ask me she would know that I am going to be done with school very soon so that issue is gone. And the "why so stressed" question made me want to punch her. I mean HELLO.. I'm a wife, not only that I'm married to the NAVY, the US NAVY where they threaten our pay on a regular basis, I just moved out of my comfort zone only 4 months ago and I'm Infertile. I figured this could take a few years so why not get started now. Eh, maybe she's right, maybe I should wait until I'm done with school.

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