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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Missed blogging alot lately esp. since I feel I'm keeing so many secrects. This is supposed to be the place I came and let everything out. Well since my last post I qui my job and signed up for Winter semester at my local community college that I attended a couple of years ago but for financial reasons had to stop going. I'm going back for a certification as a nurses aid for now and will later go back and finish as an RN. I did this 4 days before B was supposed to return home for Christmas.

B was let off duty early and was able to surprise me two days early. I was a very happy wife. To make it better it was perfect timing for baby making. lol I'm going nuts rigt now bc I'm in the 2ww. I dont feel I can wait any longer, I need to know now. lol We spent christmas with his family since mine is very small and seperated by at least 3 hours. We vegged out alot and played our new games for the wii and such. New years was spent at the resturant that his mom works at. It was very nice. And four hours into the new year I took my husband to the airport to return him to his "owners" It was sad but very promising.

We knew that once he left we have about 3 more months until he and I both are done with our classes. And that he would be taking his test to become a petty officer. He will then get stationed somewhere hopefully and I will get to move out of this house. Ah I can't wait!

So for my class I have to wear hunter green colored scrubs. From head to toe I look like a giant green bean. It's torture and I love it.

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