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Friday, November 5, 2010

In a weeks time..

...we have learned nothing. B went back to the doctor's on Monday and they set him up an appointment for an ultrasound of his intestines. His ultrasound was on Tuesday and on Wednesday he went in to find out the results of his ultrasound. Wednesday came and the lab didn't fax over the test results so we are no closer to knowing what is wrong with him. They did set him up for a CT scan. The earliest they could get him in was the 8th. He also has to have a colonoscopy, give more blood and another stool sample. I guess they want to re-run the other tests to be sure of everything. I'm very pissed off at it. What doctor orders a STAT ultrasound and doesn't get the results back STAT?! And why the hell can't they get him into CT before the 8th?! Ugh stupid system.

As for me, I went into my new doctor and she is running my blood. She wants to make sure all my hormone levels are in check. She also sent me to a specialist and had them give me a pelvic ultrasound. That experience wasn't very nice. My doctor didn't tell me that I needed to have a full bladder when I went in there and so I ended up sitting in the office 2 hours drinking water and waiting to pee. Once I did have to go, the ultrasound hurt because the woman was pushing on my bladder. I promise I almost peed on that table. LMBO!! I thought I would get some answers that day but NOPE I was wrong. I have to wait a week and if I don't hear anything I have to call my doctor and find out what the results were.

Hopefully we will have some clear cut answers very soon. I just started picking up more hours at work so I can keep my mind busy. I will try and keep updated as much as possible. This really is one of the hardest things Ive ever gone through so thank you to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers.

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