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Tuesday, November 2, 2010



When I was out in San Diego, my husband asked me to look at something on his butt. When I looked at it, it looked like he had just rubbed it raw from using the toliet paper that the Navy provides but it didn't seem too bad. I told him he should make a doctor's appointment anyways just to have them check it out and make sure it wasn't anything serious. Little did I know I might have saved his life with just one statement. Being a nursing student I know a little about how things on your body should look and what they look like under infection or what have you. I was concerned only because it wasn't going away. I was more concerned when he started pooing blood. He finally made the appointment and went to the doctors last Thursday. The doctor took some blood and made him give a stool sample. His results were to be in in about 2 weeks.

Yesterday afternoon I get a call from my husband letting me know his test results are in. The nursing student in me knows that usually the results only come back that soon if there is something wrong, so I get nots in my belly when I hear his results are in. He proceeds to tell me that his stool sample was normal but his blood tests indicate that his white blood cells are very low. He was instructed to make another appointment for more tests because his doctor believes it is cancer. Colon Cancer in a previously healthy 20 year old man.

I immediatly start to panic as anyone would. I haven't really stopped crying since. I have tried to thinkof other reasons that his white blood cells could be low. He could just have an infection or anemia. And even though I know nothing is set in stone and that they are going to try and rule out the cancer first, I can't stop thinking about it. For whatever reason his doctor thinks it is cancer. That fact alone is prolly why I can't let it go. He goes back to the doctor today and so do I.

I need the strength to be positive for my husband and for good test results on his second round of tests. I need positive results on my tests that I will one day be able to have children with my husband. I need to believe that this isn't the beginning of the end. I'm asking for prayer today.


  1. Sending hugs your way hun! I hope everything went well for both of you today, keep us updated. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers!

  2. Let God be your strength girl. Prayers are definitely going your way to you and your husband.

  3. Oh wow. I can't imagine what this must feel like!! Prayers for strength and good answers!!