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Thursday, October 21, 2010


My flight from California back to Michigan was today and I am very tired. I had a wonderful time with my husband and it was much needed. His family drives me bananas sometimes so I welcomed the vacation. Plus, I got to smooch on my lover. We are hoping the 2ww goes by very fast and we will have happy news that we will be parents in about 9 months. If not, then it wasn't supposed to happen right now. We did however buy a book to help us pick a baby or babies name(s). Twins run in both sides of our families and since my cycle isn't always predictable I know to expect the unexpected. So we spent last night going over some possible names and I was sure my husband would be the kind to go for the more common names and me go for the uncommon ones. Infact, it's kinda the opposite. Although I do like some very uncommon names I also am leaning towards some old fashioned ones. We have decided to keep the name(s) a secret until we know if we are pregnant and what we will be having. I think too many people put negitivity on names that couples pick out. I want nothing but joy and positivity for our child. Plus it doesn't make any sense to ask others opinion on names when its your child not theirs.

B and I have also spent a great deal of time talking about what would happen if for some reason he should be gone for the birth. He would like me to invite his mother into the delivery room and I am dead set on telling him no way. His mom makes me nervous in everyday conversation...howwill she make me feel while I'm in labor. No way. He doesn't think it would be fair if my mother got to be in there and not his mom. His mom wasn't the one to push me out of her va jay jay there for she sits in the waiting room like a good Grandma. My mom knows how I deal with pain and knows how to calm me down. If for some reason B can't be there she is the only one allowed in the delivery room. B just doesn't get it. Help! I don't know how to make him understand. I don't want the maxium of 3 people in my delivery room. I want one person. I have told my family that when it comes time for that day, they all better expect to be sitting in the waiting room. They weren't there when baby was made why the fuck should they witness the birth. Its supposed to be an intimate moment with the mother and father. This subject gets me going everytime. lol Some people enjoy having others there and thats cool for them, not me. My husband just needs to learn that when said day comes it isn't about what he wants because it isn't his vagina being ripped open. =] That's something to look forward to. LMBO Done with my rant for now!

Well I will tell more about my trip later and post some awesome pictures along with it.


  1. Hello! I'm new to blogspot & came across your page.

    Haha!! Your post was hilarious!! & interesting too. I don't think I've ever met someone that didn't want to have their family at the hospital when the baby is born? Then again, the subject never really comes up. LOL. Unless you meant you want them there, but ONLY in the waiting room. If that's what you mean, I agree. I would want my mom & husband in the room w/me though. I'd want my husband there for obvious reasons (I wouldn't let him look though!!! If you know what I mean!) & I'd want my mom there because she's been through labor 4 times & can help me through it. She's good in situations like that and could help calm me. I think my husband-to-be would be excited but a bit nervous since it would be his first time too. :)

  2. Girl the only person in the room when Lena was born was my mom and hubby. They will always be the only two aloud! If hubby is gone this time it will just be my mamma. I love my MIL to death but I would NEVER want her to see me naked delivering a baby lol TOTALLY agree with you!!! Tell your hubby that when he gets pregnant and gives birth he can have whoever he wants in the room lol