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Friday, December 2, 2011

End of the year Madness

It always seems at the end of the year there isn't enough time to do everything. I have yet to start Chirstmas shopping or send out Christmas cards. My DH and I are trying to get all tests done by the end of the year so we can start trying fresh at the beginning of the year. I feel as if our journey to actually getting treatment is taking forever. We will get there eventually and when we do I'm sure I still won't be ready for how unromantic and intrusive it all will be. Anyway, back to the end of the year craziness...DH will have to have surgery to repair his varicocele before the end of the year and we don't even have a date for it yet which kinda freaks me out. I'm scared one day he'll go into work and come home and had the surgery and I won't even know. Seems crazy but it's going to be last minute when he gets the notice that they have an opening and his shop always makes him come into work before an appointment even if it's early in the morning. So, the likelihood that it could happen without me knowing is pretty high. I just want to be there for him when he wakes up from the anesthia. Hopefully I will have more exciting news after the first of the year. I will try and update on how DH's surgery went before then.

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