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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hair Ball

I am super excited to say that after 5 months my hair can finally go back into a ponytail. O how I've missed it. I cut my hair to the shortest its ever been in September. I LOVE it short however it was too short to put back. I am letting it grow just a little bit longer and then I'm going to keep it that length. It is nice to be able to pull it back out of my face. Who would think hair could have such an affect on a person? LOL

I've been spending my fridays at the bingo hall with my favorite Aunt. I enjoy it surprisingly. After my parents, my best girlfriend and my husband left the state Ive needed something to do with my time. I'm so happy that my Aunt and I are getting closer and hanging out but I feel like it's almost a waste of time because in a few short months I will be moving to wherever the Navy sends my husband. I know I need to kick these thoughts because if I think like that I'll always be alone because every relationship while B is in the Navy will be "a waste of time." I will be one lonely person if I think like that. It just started to bum me out. I have no idea where B will be stationed. I hoping to find out soon and when I know you'll know.

On another note, my 21st is just around the corner and I can't wait. I won tickets to an awesome comedy club for me and 8 guests. I reserved front row seats and I bought cute little tiaras for the girls and I to wear. My outfit is all picked out, I'm ready to go get hammered. I will post pictures when I'm over the hangover.

Well tata for now. 

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