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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Year Ago

This months brings alot of things to get excited about.

First of all our nephew turns ONE. I didn't know how much I could love this little guy. When he was born B and I weren't married yet and even though we had been together for three years, I didn't feel right being called Auntie. Maybe that's a little old fashioned but I felt like we aren't married, I'm not his Aunt. But, after B left and a few months of seeing him regularly I fell in love with the most handsome little boy. I pushed these feelings away because we still weren't married. Then, once we did get married it still took time for me to get used to being called Auntie. His smile is so contagious and his laughter is like a drug that you could get addicted too. Makes me feel very blessed that I've had the time to get to know him before the Navy pulled me to another state. His Uncle B on the other hand, isn't so lucky. He gets to know him through pictures and videos. As he turns one I am so happy to be his coolest Aunt on the planet.

Secondly, B is coming up on his ONE year anniversary of being in the Navy. He's been home for a weekend when we got married and over Christmas. I guess I should be happy that I even got that. I am so happy that this year is almost over though. He is finishing his A school this week and hopefully getting to pick orders soon. Hopefully after he picks orders Ill get to be with him. Ahh I can't wait. I am so very proud of the way he has handled being away for so long. He's a big softy and he's very big on family. I was worried he wouldn't be able to handle it. He has done amazing in his classes and I couldn't be more proud. Seems awfully strange that it's been one year already and Ive only seen him a few times. Alot has happened in a year that's for sure.

Next on the list of things to get excited about is the fact that next week I'll be walking out of my college with a certificate as a Nurse Aid. It isn't what I want over all but it's a step. A step I am very proud of. I'm the first person in my family to have graduated High School and continue onto college and walk out of the doors with something. My mother went to college but dropped out and so did my older brother. My father never finished High School. This is huge for our family.

Lastly, it's almost spring time and my SIL will be on spring break at the end of the month and if everything goes right my husband, my in laws and I will be headed to our new duty station. We will enjoy the drive and the warm weather on the beach. Ah March I Love You.

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